The Maestoso Brass Quintet

Brass Musicians for Hire

The Key Facts

  • Ideal music for outdoor performances, formal ceremonies, music workshops and fanfares
  • Completely acoustic ensemble
  • Normally hired as background music
  • Repertoire includes popular classical and light “jazzier” music
  • Fixed size (5 musicians)
  • Standard engagement of 3hrs (3 x 45 min sets)
  • 30 mins set up time required as standard

Music Clips

Maestoso Brass Quintet Information

A brass quintet has to be one of the most majestic sounding ensembles available to hire and yet it is also one of the most flexible in terms of its repertoire.

When performing classical music a brass quintet has the ability to create soaring melodies supported with full and lush harmonies, but at a touch of a button they can transform themselves into a rip roaring jazz styled ensemble, performing an energetic selection of ragtime, dixie and trad-jazz stompers!

This versatility makes hiring a brass quintet an excellent choice for those events where you want an ensemble to perform in differing roles (eg. a wedding ceremony followed by a drinks reception), or if you just want to book something just that little bit different from the normal background music ensembles.

As this brass quintet has such a varied repertoire it also makes them ideal to hire for educational workshops where they can demonstrate brass instruments at their best, performing a wonderful variety of music and creating a learning experience that is both fun and insightful.

Maestoso Brass Quintet Line Up Options

  • Fixed size - 5 musicians (2 trumpets, french horn, trombone, tuba)