Jazz Bands and Musicians for Hire

Jazz Bands & Musicians for Hire

Welcome to the Jazz Section of Nathan Hassall Music’s “Musicians for Hire” service!

We love Jazz here at Nathan Hassall Music and we pride ourselves on our levels of expertise in providing fantastic jazz musicians and bands to events. In this section we bring to you what we believe are quite simply the best jazz and swing bands or acts available to hire in all of the UK. If you are looking to hire a great jazz band to perform at your wedding reception, dinner party, or corporate event, we are sure we have the perfect jazz act for you.

Why should you hire a Jazz Band for your event?

Hiring a jazz band or small group of jazz musicians to perform at your event will no doubt help add a degree of sophistication and suggest an edge of exclusivity to proceedings, but also depending upon the type of jazz act or band you hire they will bring an ambience of coolness, a feeling of flamboyance, or just a sense of sheer fun and enjoyment to your event.

Jazz music has an uncanny knack of appealing to a wide group of people reaching across many age brackets, upbringings and cultures therefore allowing all of your guests to relax and have a good time. Plus our jazz bands and musicians can be extremely versatile in their role at events, often performing as both background music and music to dance to and even regularly switching between the two at the same event. Now, how many rock bands or classical ensembles can say that?! – Not many that’s for sure!

Backgound Jazz Ensembles for Hire

The jazz section of our “Musicians for Hire” service features an exclusive selection of jazz bands and musicians handpicked or created specifically for our clients needs. The quality of our acts have then been honed further through our vast experience and expertise in performing at countless weddings, parties and corporate functions including many high profile events at some of London’s most prestigious venues.

If you would like to hire one of our jazz bands or acts or if you have any queries of any nature please do not hesitate to get in touch at anytime.